Wednesday, July 17, 2019

Are you sure 10 meters isn't open? #ARRL #hamradio

Ten Meters
 is one of my favorite bands. Even when it's not "open", it's frequently open. With the sunspots on the rise, so should the activity on the band increase.

Have you found yet? Nets listed there will help determine if the band is open. If you look at, one will see a search box that lets you know which nets are in operation. or will also give you DX Cluster spots, just for 10 meters.

At, one can get email alerts when six meters is open. If SIX is open, it's almost a given that TEN is open. also offers a map of openings AND the ability to post spots all in one place.

There's a number of 10 meter software defined radios that one can use to see where's the band is open. Two are dedicated to the "Beacon Band". is a list of beacons on Ten. Tune here to see where the band is open, even when it's not.

Ten Meters is one of my favorite bands. Thankfully, there's plenty of tools to take some of the Magic out of the Band.  What is your favorite band?

Wednesday, July 10, 2019

#HelpWanted #HamHoliday #ARRL #hamradio

Volunteers needed for Ham Holiday

Each of the clubs in the OKC area volunteer to fulfill roles at Ham Holiday.  The Edmond Amateur Radio Society is tasked with collecting volunteers for the Ham Holiday ticket sales/will-call desk and wristbands for Friday and Saturday.
Please contact Ron McCubbin, KC5QCV.  Volunteers are needed to sell tickets, look-up pre-paid tickets and help with wristbands.
We thank you as does CORA, the Central Oklahoma Radio Amateurs!

Contact Ron McCubbin:

(405) 255-5666

Wednesday, July 03, 2019

13 Colonies event #ARRL #hamradio #RSGB

One of my personal favorite events in ham radio is the 13 Colonies

One has until the 7th of July to contact as many of the 13 original US colony stations as possible and there's a UK station along with two other stations for a total of 16 stations.

Look for them on HF.  Use DXwatch to check for spots. There's a spotting site dedicated to the event. Technician class operators, you have 10-meter privileges.  Will they be there?  Will you be there, when they are?

From a Yank who has a 12th great-grandmother who was Queen, there's more than COFFEE to help with the enjoyment. 

Track this satellite (Thanks N2YO)

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