Wednesday, May 12, 2021

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Wednesday, May 05, 2021

The Movie Twister #Skywarn #OKwx @NWSnorman @NWSTulsa #Oklahoma @NWSNorman @OKmesonet @NWSSPC

In preparation of the 25th anniversary of the movie Twister, I spent my first day away from deployment listening to the National Weather Service Norman briefing and watching the movie.  

May 15 at 10 a.m., the Twister Movie Museum in Wakita will lead the charge in the 25th anniversary celebration. 

A lot has happened in the weather enterprise in 25 years.  The movie started out remembering the way things were in 1996.  

Since then, the force layout has changed even more.

1.  NWS Norman has moved along with the Storm Prediction Center and the Oklahoma Mesonet to the National Weather Center

2.  Doppler radar is now Old School.  Dual Polarization, or what one person called "Bipolar", radar is the latest tool.

3.  The Oklahoma Mesonet, the premier Statewide weather system, has been joined by  New York and other States to provide public safety and agriculture information.

4.  Sirens have been replaced by personal electronic devices.  At least eight ways have been documented for receiving warnings from the National Weather Service.  The Emergency Alert System replaced CONALRAD and the Emergency Broadcast System in 1997. Since then, the Wireless Emergency Alert and Integrated Public Alert & Warning System are on the field, along with improvements to the nationwide All-Hazards Radio.  In other words, for someone to say "I didn't get a warning" they actually meant "I didn't WANT a warning".  Even television and radio stations have wall to wall coverage with some 24-hour streams.

5.  Thanks to tools like Twitter, SpotterNetwork, mPING helps  reports easily flow to the appropriate weather service office and Skywarn has been joined by Weather Ready Nation 

6.  Gusty was gone. Gary England is retired. Dan Threlkel, Jon Slater, and Travis Meyer are not. 

In 25 years, Oklahoma has been one of many impacted by ice storms, flood, wind storm, wildfire, and, even "Non-Tornado tornado".  FEMA has been a good partner with State Emergency Management in helping with recovery and mitigation dollars.

A LOT has changed in 25 years.  Will you be in Wakita to participate in remembering 25 years ago and maybe engage in the next 25?

Wednesday, April 28, 2021

Allstar nets #ARRL #hamradio

Here is a link to a number og ALLSTAR nets. 

Do you know of others?  Give comments here and tell the author there. 

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