Friday, May 21, 2010

Storm chasers are NOT #Skywarn Spotters.

In part of my emails to the Weather Chaser list, I made note of this video. Please use viewer discretion.

Please view this video. Although it's not about chasing, it's about
motor vehicle operation and some undesirable consequences. I will add
it is quite graphic. Viewer discretion is advised, in other words.!/video/video.php?v=347401909287&ref=mf

PLEASE be SAFE and remain FREE.

Not to be outdone, some chasers took matters into their own hands.

and are shots of a TV storm chaser barreling down a two lane road, complete with support vehicles. Can you see brake lights as these folks barrel down the roadway?

Here's more from my colleague to the north.

In this article
, the Vortex2 team says that chasers got in their way. The article is believable except the spokesman was observed by the German Skywarn Team breaking the law. The particular individual also has ties to the "WE'RE ALL GONNA DIE" chasers on a popular TV show.

One of the participants posted comments on his Facebook page. The reply is in italics.

You REALLY believe this?

I'm responding to video of the TIV convoy passing other chasers and
the complaint that we were doing so unsafely. I realize that people do
not know that our team has radios and that we give a "clear" to the

Would you expect a Trooper to understand this? You were breaking the LAW!

follow vehicles so they know that there is no oncoming traffic. Also I
am up in the turret so that I can get a better perspective of traffic
ahead. Also the video that I saw was "zoomed" in, optically
compressing space, so that the hill and vehicles seems closer together

Then WHY did the cars behind you have to slam on THEIR breaks?

than in reality. Finally, the TIV or any of it's follow vehicles have
never been in or caused an accident. Also, want to say that I

Never a time like NOW to break THAT record.

appreciate your concern for chasers safety and I will do my best to
make it a priority for my entire team for the rest of the season. I'm
not perfect, I know that more than anyone, but I really respect the
chaser community and I take your comments seriously."

Read my post on the WX-Chase list about CHASERS. I would much rather folks out there were SAFE than exhibiting the DANGEROUS action you display.

The post referred to above is quoted below.

Since I'm not around ground zero this afternoon, I took some time to
watch some of the
video samples available on the various video

I observed speed too fast for conditions (wet roads and hail),
following too close (can't you count one-one thousand, two
one-thousand after you pass a yellow line or pothole?), inattentive
driving (at least two left of center), one busted a red light, a
couple or three almost rear-ended the car in front.

Folks, if you are going to tell the world you are safely operating
your motor vehicle, the pictures need to match. If you are going to
put a picture of you in the car driving, it helps if you pay attention
to what you do instead of dinking on the PC, talking on the radio, dig
for something on the floor or in the back seat, etc. Don't you all
have partners?

Maybe it would be a better practice to NOT show
video while you are
breaking the law. After all, these end up on TV and you don't get

I'm getting the idea that this is too hard for some but, please, TRY
to be SAFE out there. Tomorrow you are in Oklahoma. I will be too
busy to watch but I bet someone in a clearly marked car will be.

Finally, these examples are NOT representative of Skywarn. Please contact your local emergency management office or National Weather Service office for information about how to be involved in this important activity.

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