Monday, November 22, 2010

What's this all about?

The discussion about Spotter Convergence continues on the Chaser list.
The popular program StormChasers has added more fuel to the
discussion, especially when video of a vehicle passing in no passing
From last May, here's a post regarding the topic:

> Is it time for chasing legislation
> to help control these unruly, dangerous convergence situations which are
> very difficult for towns such as Hennessey, or Kingfisher Oklahoma as they
> were last May 19th, or are you against legislating chasing? Why, what are
> some of your ideas or views on this subject?
As strongly as I feel about this subject, list members may be
surprised that I am NOT in favor of chasing legislation.
I AM in favor of CHASERS calming down and self-regulating, if you
will, their dangerous activity. I'm in FAVOR of certain popular TV
CHASERS acting like Human Beings, on and off camera. I am ALL THE
MORE in FAVOR of CHASERS modeling safe behavior when they are
streaming their video for all the world to see.
The video of the TIV barreling down the road across TWO double yellow
lines is but ONE example of unsafe CHASER behavior. Watching the
CHASERS stream their OWN video and my thoughts have already been
documented at
I AM in favor of Skywarn training and credentialing. IF you are a
Skywarn spotter, you have had spotter safety training. If you are
stopped for some vehicular infraction and have no reason to be their
(documented by a Skywarn "card" of some sort), you will face increased
scrutiny by the officer. That's how it works in Jackson County,
Oklahoma, USA. I have already told my troop commander words to the
effect that my spotters are not above the law. I have ridden with a
number of my spotters and some have ridden with me. They all know
expectations. I am convinced that they will continue to meet
The Skywarn program, if I understand correctly, will become a truly
National program with uniform training. Spotter SAFETY will be part
of that training. Much like the SpotterNetwork process of vetting
individuals in a certain subject matter, the training will produce a
person entered into a National database. Mess up and I suspect that
entry in the National database will be removed.
NO! I am not in favor of increased legislation. I am in favor of
individuals doing the right thing without being told all the time what
the right thing is.
But while you are at it, could you please NOT tell me how safe you are while you stream video showing me you are NOT?

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