Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Jesus and Amateur Radio

It seems to me that Jesus would have been an amateur radio operator, though, realistically, He would not need a radio, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIN, or Google+ technology to reach the hearts and minds of men.

However, I'm a Christian ham ... a member of the Christian Amateur Radio Fellowship and have participated in the Bible Fellowship Net.

Here's some others who mix their hobby with the Faith.

Idaho Christian Resources - Amateur Radio and Christian Links, MP3's and PDF Files

I am also on the roster of the "Sunrise Bible Study Group"

The Baptists have "Southbears"

"World Association of Christian Radio Amateurs and Listeners"

"Ambassadors for Christ Net meets daily on 7.280 MHz. Monday thru Friday at 18:00 UTC, Saturday at 19:00 UTC"

"Amateur Radio Missionary Service"

N1NKM has a list and K5OAI has another.

Are there others?

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Do you listen to Shortwave Radio?

One of the best resources for commercial shortwave listening is Glen Hauser's World of Radio.

This product gives one the news about Shortwave listening, including station openings and closings, as well as schedule changes.

It's worth your bookmark.


Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Do you still work Amplitude Modulation?

All Frequencies in MHz

160 Meters: 1.885, 1.900, 1.945, 1.985 (USA)
                             1.850 (W. Europe)
                             1.933 &1.963 (in the UK)
                             1.843 (Australia)

        80 Meters:  3.530, 3650 (South America)
                            New 3615, 3625 (in the UK)
                            3705 (W. Europe)
                            3.690 (AM Calling Frequency, Australia)

        75 Meters: 3.825, 3.870 (West Coast), 3.880, 3.885 (USA)

        40 Meters:  7.070 (Southern Europe)
                            7.120, 7.300 (South America)
                            7.175, 7.290, 7.295 (USA)
                            7.143 (UK)
                            7.146 (AM Calling Frequency, Australia)

        20 Meters: 14.286

        17 Meters: 18.150

        15 Meters: 21.285, 21.425

        10 Meters: 29.000-29.200

        6 Meters: 50.4 (generally), 50.250 Northern CO

        2 Meters: 144.4 (Northwest)
                         144.425 (Massachusetts)
                         144.28 (NYC-Long Island)
                         144.45 (California)
                         144.265 (Los Angeles, CA)

Do you know of any others?  Add them in the comments section.

Wednesday, June 05, 2013

The Value of Chasing #Skywarn

We offer our condolences to the friends and families of those who were tragically killed this week in Oklahoma.

When one views the after shot of what once was a valued item and considers the outcome of hearing chasers emulate Reed Timmer, one surely must conclude that a car, no matter how well built, is not the place to be during a tornado.

When Mike Bettes says, "Very blessed to be headed home tomorrow to see my family", can one conclude that he's happy that he's alive?

This points out the very different line between Chasing and Spotting.  The National Weather Service spends a lot of time training individuals how to watch for storms, how and to whom to report storms, how to be safe around storms, and when to take shelter from storms.  

The program is called Skywarn and it brings responsibility to the local community to train their spotters.  While the value of chasing is understood, how can a community say they are StormReady, when they don't have a spotter program?

Watching the Chaser convergence on I-40, one could only conclude it was a matter of time before someone got hurt.  Yet this is not the first time. In 2008, a firefighter in southwest Missouri died spotting for his community while a Kansas deputy died serving his community as well.

In a statement from the National Weather Service, "We encourage all who chase to do so as safely and as responsibly as possible..." 

"Number of storm chasers becomes problem"

"Should storm chasers risk their lives? | USA NOW video"

"Amateur storm chaser took photo of tornado that killed him"

"Oklahoma Tornadoes, Extreme Weather Inspire Social Media 'Storm Chasers' To Take Risks"

Storm chasers among Oklahoma fatalities - #Skywarn #OKwx

The day that should change tornado actions and storm chasing forever 

Will this change next storm season?  Is your community willing to step up to do its job in safe severe weather reporting to the local emergency management and National Weather Service offices?

Track this satellite (Thanks N2YO)

Need Cell Service?


ARRL Amateur Radio News

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