Monday, January 19, 2009

Judy and I watched the movie Gran Torino. Many think it's a movie about a car and an old man.

In reality, it's a movie about generations. It's Boomers. It's Generation X and Generation Y.

Boomers ... the folks who heard from their parents newly returned from war ... were told to buy American because names such as Mitsubishi, Honda, and Toyota were part of the military-industrial complex that brought such things as Pearl Harbor, Wake Island, the Bataan Death March, Nanking.

In the movie, Generation X drives the cars and buys the goods the generation before them were loath to own. There's no less than two references to this in this movie.

Generation Y wants a benefit without building the relationship to get it. There's two clear references to this in the grandchild of Walter. She wants the car. She does not want it enough be help Walter, much less befriend him.

However, there are immigrants invading America. The paradox, in this movie, is there's a neighbor willing to befriend Walter. The crusty old man, at first, does not know how to take this.

In total, this movie was educational. It's a reminder of how we got from the one generation to the next. It may be the last movie Clint Eastwood makes.

It's a movie about relationships.

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