Thursday, April 16, 2009

Free Ham Radio E-Magazines


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One of the topics tonight on the weekly round-table (8:00 PM Pacific time every Wednesday on Mt Constitution Repeater 146.74 -.6 tone 103.5) was favorite Amateur Radio periodicals.  I thought I would pass along three monthly publications that are perfect for the cost conscious ham- they are free for the downloading.

World Radio - The venerable newsprint monthly ceased paper publication but was purchased by CQ Magazine and continues to publish in PDF format.  Be patient when you download an issue- their servers are slow.

Ham-Mag is a very new publication by F5SLD, recently published issue #4.  The magazine is available in its primary language, French as well as English.  Articles include technical, operational and general interest features.

The K9YA Telegraph is a very slickly produced club monthly that features primarily historical and CW related stories.  Sample issues are on the site, but you need to subscribe to get a link to current issues.


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