Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Roadside Assistance

Being stranded on the side of the road never comes at a good time. 

Therefore, now is a good time, while one is not stranded, to check to see how to get help when the vehicle is out of gas, the battery is dead, or the keys are locked inside.

Help can come in three ways.

1.  Check the auto insurance policy.  Many companies offer this assistance as part of the overall coverage.  Some charge extra.  Some do not.  Check your local insurance agent for details.

2.  With more people having cell phones, many carriers offer roadside assistance.  Most charge an extra fee for this service.  Check your cell phone provider for details.

3.  Motor clubs such as the American Automobile Association or the GM Motor Club offer coverage for a price.  While the price may be more expensive than the auto insurance or cell phone coverage, there are other benefits in the form of discounts that often come with the motor club membership.

Of course, the ham radio community has yet another option.  Giving a call on the local repeater is often answered with someone coming to your aid.

Nevertheless, make plans while there is no danger because, when danger comes, it's too late to plan.

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