Wednesday, September 16, 2009

How can we insult Jesus MORE?

John 17 says it pretty clearly. Three times Jesus asks that his
followers be united. Count them in the New American Standard Bible.
Verses 11, 21, and 22 contain the verses, in RED, if you have a Red
Letter edition, indicating that Jesus spoke those words asking Father
God that the believers would be one, united, together in one accord
for a purpose.

What's the purpose?

It's "that the world may believe" in verse 21 and restated in verse 22.

Folks, it's an evangelistic issue. Not since Col 1:6 has "all the
world" heard the Gospel. How could the first church do it and the
rest of us fail?

Maybe it's a lack of giving Jesus what He asked His Father to have His
Church, His Bride, become ... one ... so the world would believe.

How can the world really believe when they see people who call
themselves Christian fighting among themselves? Why should they
believe? What do we have that the heathen don't?

Point people to Jesus. God will honor it. The world will accept it.
John 12:32

Don't point people to a denomination. If God did not build it, they
labor in vain. Psalms 127:1

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