Sunday, June 05, 2011

Following the #Joplin tornado, @DirectTV took a hit in @Twitter and @Facebook regarding their policy of requiring a box or a $500 fee.!/search/Joplin%20DirectTV is the Twitter search and the language in that search result is disturbing.

A phone call to DirectTV at 8887772454 resulted in Nick saying the fee can be forgiven.

However, @DIRECTV on Twitter is "Lost in Space". With ONE Tweet, DirectTV attempts to deflect the Social Media onslaught. "DIRECTV is helping customers affected by natural disasters, read more at"

The @Facebook document reveals:

Options available include:

Account cancellation - If service cannot be restored at the customer's

home due to the damage from the storm, DIRECTV will cancel the
account, and waive any fee associated with the inability to return
equipment, along with any remaining agreement on the account.

Account suspension - For customers who are without power for an

extended period, we offer to suspend their account until power and
services can be restored.

No-cost service calls - If/once service can be restored at the

customer's home, we will send a technician at no-cost to ensure the
dish is properly aligned and to fix any technical issues.

Equipment - For customers whose equipment was damaged in the storm, we

offer to waive equipment replacement costs if they continue services

If you are a customer that has been affected, please contact

1.800.531.5000 so we can remedy your situation immediately.

Only a few of the comments on the Facebook wall were appropriate.

This is standard across the industry. In other words, Dish Network would be asking the same thing and offering what they could.

I would like to brag on the ONE Twitter user who asked for verification of the truth of this issue.  The user profile states:   Freelance writer & fledgling goddess. I am an editor for Etopia Press, actively seeking submissions. 

This is an example of Social Media users who #FAIL in doing their homework AND DirectTV being less than eager to address the issue with more than ONE Tweet and ONE Facebook entry.  We all know emergency managers who are more engaged with their customers than this.

Wondering now, how many Twitter accounts will DirectTV sue for defamation of character or libel, though. 

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