Saturday, January 14, 2012

Social Media in Emergency Management is really taking off.

This week a number of my colleagues participated in an online social media drill.  Several have noted some very valuable lessons learned already.  It will be interesting to see the After Action Review.

One immediate takeaway was the overwhelming nature of digital information and the brainpower it takes to process it.  This is just one reason why "It's not about me; it's about WE" is so important.

The Concept of a Virtual Operations Support Team is important.

In Oklahoma, the VOST is lead by John Butler @OKcalvin who also leads the Oklahoma Crisismappers effort.

Since social media has three components, i.e. information dissemination, information gathering, and team building, it's easy to see how one would be overwhelmed during a disaster.

Please contact John to see how Oklahoma Crisis Mappers or the Oklahoma VOST can help you.

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