Saturday, April 21, 2012

Is Bank of America losing in Social Media? @BofA_help

Reports from media and social media, especially, would lead one to believe that Bank of America is lost in cyberspace.

Bank of America gun – Topsy: search shows the majority of the post are from customers who are telling Bank of America ... either in general terms anyone can read or in messages directed to @BofA_help ... that their business relationship with the financial institution is in jeopardy.  At this writing, over 400 tweets about this subject were sent in one day.  In 19 pages, there's been no observable support for Bank of America.

As of this writing, there were no responses to any tweets.  In fact, 14 hours was the last tweet from their account.  There were similar results from the other social media accounts listed.  The financial giant awoke to send "¡BofA§Help: ¡kc5fm We are here to help, listen, and learn from our customers and are glad to assist with any account related inquiries. Übm" after this was written and more tweets are coming forth.  Also, more statements were coming from Twitter hours after the fact, ex. "Bank of America does not have policies that prohibit us from providing banking services to this client’s industry. ^bm"

When asked for more information, the Bank tweeted:  "
We can’t comment on an individual client but we do not have a policy that prohibits us doing business with this industry. ^bm

Given that it is Saturday night after the Twitter event started, there's over 1K likes on the McMillan page on Facebook.  A number of posts on the Bank of America wall have been deleted (according to Twitter and discussion on the McMillan page).

Now Bank of America is claiming the McMillan accusation is false.

Over on Google+, the issue is not trending but it's there with no challenge from Bank of America.

This is an example of how stories develop and are enhanced by social media.  Is this becoming an example how social media magnification can work against someone not engaged in social media?

Engagement means answering tweets and other social media challenges.  The Stream does not sleep.

(Insert verbiage for Virtual Operations Support Teams here)  

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