Thursday, May 10, 2012

We in Grandfield...

In a Facebook post, some folks were upset about not getting warning of a devastating hail storm.  The word devastating was carefully chosen.

The hail storm broke out windows in homes and pummeled trucks and cars.  It was bad.

Yet, the folks were upset with no warning.  Yet, there was warning, from the National Weather Service, from amateur radio operators and the Skywarn program, and from the media.

Yet, the fact remains that hail stones cause a lot of damage to largely immovable targets.  While there was a lot of property damage with hail storms, thankfully, in this case there was one injury and NO loss of life.  Sadly, that is not always the case.

We in Grandfield...

May I suggest, since someone has recommended talking to the Weather Service, that the talk to the Weather Service include asking about StormReady?

It's a good program. It has shown its value over the years.

One of the things StormReady seeks is for communities to have MULTIPLE ways to get warnings out to their Citizens. In today's society, one can NOT depend on sirens. As Greg Auerbach has mentioned, Weather Radios are a must.

So how many ways do you have to get warnings? Do you get a TEXT or email? will even give you a phone call.

I hope that helps.

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