Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Making Social Media work for you

From the Secret List, here's a note involving Social Media during Hurricane Sandy:

As Sandy slammed the Northeast yesterday, one woman from the FDNY monitored Twitter through the night to help people in need. Emily Rahimi, a seven-year veteran at the FDNY, kept New Yorkers updated on developments from a storm that flooded many parts of the city Monday night through the official department Twitter feed. In more than 100 tweets, Rahimi, who was still working at her desk on Tuesday morning, replied to cries for help sent out on the social media service, passed along updates from Mayor Michael Bloomberg and followed up when New Yorkers posted tweets of thanks. Pretty cool. Check it out HERE:
HERE is the link to FFCC Twitter Alerts: 

Obviously, New York City would fall in that area where 69% of their population would expect their government to be on Twitter.  

Are you using Twitter to engage those you serve?  If not, maybe a Virtual Operations Support Team can help.

Are you willing to investigate before your next disaster?

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