Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Facebook: Not A Good Severe Weather Platform

James Spann, a popular Alabama meteorologist and member of the popular online program "WeatherBrains", posted about the popular social media site, Facebook, and it's downfall in the severe weather alerting process.

He has noted how the warning processes must get better.  At one point, he called for every outdoor warning device ... the "tornado" siren ... to be burned.  He notes that too many people rely on sirens before taking action.

People need THREE ways to get weather warnings.

There are at least two providers, and offer Nationwide alerting service for free.  There are others.

Additionally, providers such as offer the ability for groups to set up their own warning processes...

However, and
both show that Social Media (as anything technological) will have flaws.  In other words, Twitter, Facebook, Google Plus, have ALL gone down at one point or another.  Even sirens break.

More than one avenue for warnings is necessary. THREE ways of getting severe weather warnings is the only option for the prepared Citizen.  Social Media, even Facebook, CAN serve in this area.  Even the trusty amateur radio can work here.

What are YOUR three ways to get severe weather warnings?  Is the All-Hazards Weather Radio one of them?

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