Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Have three ways #AltusOK

Recently, the National Weather Service radio near Altus suffered a communications problem at an inopportune time.  A communications failure to the site made the transmitter go off the air.

As a result, weather radio receivers were unable to decode the Severe Thunderstorm Warning issued at the time.

This is an example of why area residents need to have at least THREE ways of getting information.

The City of Altus Blackboard Connect system is one way.  

The Weather Service does not recommend Twitter and Social Media for warnings but the AltusReady tweets warnings using Blackboard Connect and the National Weather Service feeds.

Other Twitter accounts tweeting warnings include @WX5EM@Oklahomaalert and the Weather Services own @IEMBot_OUN.

While there may be delays in getting the warnings and the warnings may not appear on your phone at all, ex. your cellphone battery is dead, social media may be one of your three ways to get weather information.

Have at LEAST three ways to get weather information in Oklahoma.  What are your three?

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