Wednesday, November 06, 2013

Comparison of microblogging services #SMEM #VOST

So you have heard about Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and LinkedIN but have you heard of any of these?

Bebo?  CafeMom?  Care2 or CaringBridge?  How about Spaces?

There's a reason.  For example, if you are user of Rosetta Stone, a venture capitalist, or an early user, you would never have heard of Livemocha.

For the social media practitioner, there's two choices:

1.  Go where your customers are likely to be.  Are they really on Twitter or, if they are Russian Expatriates, are they on LinkExpats, LiveJournal, or Spaces?

2.  Build a community and let them come to you.

Either way, pray that you don't build on what may become one of this list.

You are welcome to choose wisely from the "Comparison of microblogging services"

Once again, focus on the plan and not the tools.

Have you joined a social media group and had the group close?

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