Wednesday, May 07, 2014

"I DARE you!" #teamJesus #Ragamuffin

Are you up for a dare?  

Recently, at First Christian Church, the Ragamuffin Movie appeared on the screen.  

Those that watched the movie saw the value of having a loving father and the impact an earthly father had on a child's life.  

To lay a little framework, Rich Mullins is now dead.  As part of his journey in search of God, he found a Ragamuffin named Brennan Manning, the author of the Ragamuffin Gospel, who had a message specifically for the beaten up, bedraggled, and burned out.

Now, your dare, quoting from the movie, God would say "I dare you to trust that I love you".  That is your dare.  In the face of nominal Christianity ... what I call American Churchianity ... , God stands there daring YOU to believe that He loves you.  Forget Religiousity; embrace the Relationship He offers.

Are you up for a dare?

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