Wednesday, July 09, 2014

Google Voice - Features – Google Voice #HMRD

Recently the folks at Humanity Road were commenting on Google Voice.

Some of the features that were quickly mentioned were:

1.  Transcription of voicemails.  While the transcription is not perfect, it's sent by email so you can decide the urgency of the call.  After all, no voicemail, no returned call.

2.  One number for five phones.  This means that small teams can get a call and take care of the call.

3.  Saves cell phone minutes by making calls in Google Voice.  Many cell phone providers have free incoming calls anyway but with the cell phone app, one can call and text, leaving your minutes and data available for other times.

4.  Call recording allows the caller to give you detailed instructions that you can recall later.

5.  Call blocking and "Do Not Disturb" allows one to have calls from "undesirables" to get that "number is no longer in service" while DND directs all calls to voicemail.  The latter is beneficial during meeting times.

Are you using Google Voice?  What other features do you like?

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