Wednesday, October 01, 2014

"You should get on HF more"

At a recent hamfest, an attendee told this attendee that.

In spite of the fact that I don't LIVE on ham radio and some insist that I live on Twitter, what are the ways I am on HF during the week?

I have HF in the personal car, the City truck, and at the Emergency Operations Center.  I am known to frequent 29.6 FM, 14.300 for the various nets there, 7.290 Traffic Net, the various Military Auxiliary Radio System nets, and some of the Oklahoma Section Nets.

Please remember that I have remote base access at a number of places on Remote Hams.  I also enjoy working the frequency agile remote base in Las Vegas on AllStar Link System on 29.6 FM.

Please know there's the Christian Amateur Radio Fellowship net on 3.930 every day except Sunday.  I also check in periodically to the South Coast Amateur Radio Service net on 7.251 periodically and try to use their VOIP net on Saturday mornings.  

Perhaps the attendee did not really mean I needed to be on HF more.  :)


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