Monday, June 15, 2015

Lessons from San Andreas: A movie review #AltusOK #OKstrong @BrianHumphrey #tweko

Someone's favorite wife agreed to see the movie San Andreas.  There's a lot of drama and trauma.  

Someone says there's going to be a quake.  Well, it would not be a movie without one.

What can one learn?

1.  Drop, Cover, Hold ON.  The Federal Emergency Management Agency has uploaded a video for your enjoyment and education.  People getting under sturdy desks and standing is doorways is NOT fiction.  It's the way things are.  It can save your life. 

2.  Foot care:  How well dressed to you need to be to be rescued?  How fast and how far can you run in high heels or flip flops?  More than one journalist has heard the Emergency Manager say "The camera does not care what is on your feet.  Don't walk through debris fields with improper footwear."

3.  It's fiction.  There's a measure of truth in fiction.  The movie viewer would do well to "be aware so you are not scared".  Is a helicopter pilot really able to "auto-rotate in"?  Can an earthquake over 9.0 cause a tsunami higher than a 20-story building?  How far away from the ocean is safe? 

The burning question is WHY was Brian Humphrey not given a cameo role?  

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