Saturday, October 17, 2015

** Free RMS Express Stations for upcoming COMEX ** #ARRL #hamradio

As an additional incentive, the Tulsa Digital Radio Club (TDRC) foundation will provide, free of charge, a completely functional RMS Express Station, including the tablet computer, soundcard TNC interface, and Baofeng HT dual band radio to any emergency management station that agrees to participate in the upcoming November 7th COMEX with the MARS group.  This offer applies to any emergency management group in the greater Tulsa metro area, within 20 miles of Broken Arrow, OK.

For stations outside of the 20 mile area, the TDRC will provide, free of charge, a tablet computer with RMS Express and soundcard TNC interface to work with the station's existing VHF base station.

For outlying stations wishing to work the HF Winmor portion, the TDRC will provide, free of charge, a tablet computer with RMS Express and soundcard TNC interface to work with the station's existing HF base station.

For all three options (HT, VHF base, or HF base), TDRC personnel will meet with the operators and provide training in RMS Express and, in the case of operator provided VHF or HF stations, will install the soundcard TNC interface and tablet computer.

The only "condition" is that the emergency management station operate RMS Express during the upcoming COMEX and send and receive messages with the AE5ME-15 system.  Equipment is free to use as you wish after the exercise is complete.  Of course, we hope you continue to see the value of RMS Express and use it as a tool for future events and exercises.

Keep in mind that many of you may already have the resources to run an RMS Express station if you have a TNC built into your radio.  For example, the Kenwood TS-2000 has a built-in TNC that can operate on packet by connecting to the com port on the radio.

Deadline for applying for the above hardware is Saturday, October 17th in order to allow us to distribute stations and conduct training with operators prior to the exercise.  Please send email to ae5me at yahoo dot com.

Thanks to Jeff, AE5ME for this information.

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