Wednesday, January 06, 2016

Social media in Emergencies #SMEM #VOST

Once upon a time, there was a message sent requesting who to call because the sender was "stuck" ... not once but five times in a row.

After determining the sender was safe AND unstuck, a learning experience followed:

Thanks for the message that asked how to get help Saturday.

I was overjoyed that you got out on your own.

I suspect some other traveler helped you.  Immediate friends are always the best.  Have a few in your life to get through these challenges.   :)

I also recommend you look at your auto insurance.  Many companies offer roadside assistance.  I know mine does.  

I also recommend AAA or other plans such as 

Please remember though that, during a winter storm, the wait time for help from insurance and motor clubs may be LONG.  THAT is why I suggest having some good friends to help you  in times like that.

Again, I am glad you are safe.  

So, motoring reader, what is YOUR plan for being unstuck?

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