Wednesday, August 09, 2017

#RedCross Ready in #Hurricane Season @RedCrossOK

Did you miss preparing for the first of Hurricane Season in Oklahoma?

1.  "We are too far inland to deal with hurricanes."  In other words, it won't happen here.

2.  "We will never be in a hurricane."  In other words, it won't happen to me.

Both are common reasons for "Okies" to pass over Hurricane Season.

However, can we remember some facts?

1.   Hurricane Katrina hammered the Louisiana and Mississippi Gulf Coasts.  Both left damages that, even today, are not repaired.

The outcome of Katrina was a flood of evacuees into Oklahoma and every other State.  The American Red Cross operated a shelter at Camp Gruber for days following that fateful event. 

Please don't say tropical weather does not happen here.  Five tornadoes resulted when the storm came ashore south of Altus along the Red River.

2.  Never is a long time and folks have a way of going on vacation.  The only way you can assure yourself that a Hurricane won't harm you is to stay home.

Even then, as one can see, you can't get too far away from the Gulf to be impacted.

Please become #RedCrossReady during Hurricane season.  Those preparations will help during Winter Storm Season, Football Season, Tornado Season, and the other months of the year.

Please consider being a  volunteer with the American Red Cross .

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