Saturday, March 03, 2018

Falling League Membership @KB6NU

At his popular blog, KB6NU made a good point about the need of elmers in amateur radio.

While that's true, the League also needs to enhance membership and elmers too.  There's a problem with folks thinking the League is only QST.  It's not.

Enhancing the membership experience is important.  An important step came with the ARRL branded VISA card.  It was a good first step.

When one joins AARP, AMAC, Farm Bureau, and a host of other "You Pay Me" groups, one gets a plethora of membership discounts.

The more members one has, the greater number of AVIS, Hertz, and Enterprise vendors line up to give discounts to the membership.

The problem is that the League is in a Catch 22.  In order to get more members who want discounts, more members need to join.

The vendors don't seem to get that the League is THE voice for amateur radio for a lot of the world.

This Little Engine That Could is doing this:
Become a Sustaining Member and get discounts from participating companies. Here's how. @K0STH

Could we start in the amateur radio community?  If equipment dealers, distributers, and the like would give a discount to League members, the program could get a start.  The more discounts, the more value the membership could see in an already good program.

Hams, join the League.  It's the best National organization representing you in the Nation.                                           

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