Sunday, April 22, 2018

American History ReWrite

A few weeks ago, @60Minutes Tweeted

Now a personal note, folks in the South can't help where they lived.  So many can't help that "Bobby Lee" is a cousin. 

It's really interesting that over 100 years after the "losers" lost, the statutes and building names are coming down.  If the person was so vile, one would think the statutes and building names would have come down within years of the of the War of Northern Agression, much less be put up years after the tragic time.  Who says Civil War ancestors can NOT be remembered by their offspring?  It's HISTORY.  It's not a pleasant part of our Nation's history but, if we don't remember it, we will be doomed to repeat it.

Andy Stanley said it well when he mentioned that, if the church had done the ONE commandment Jesus said to do at the Last Supper, THIS war, World War I, and even World War II would have been unnessary. 

Can't we spend our time and money on something more productive?  Don't we need to focus on LOVE rather than HATE?

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