Wednesday, December 19, 2018

What happens to WWV? #hamradio #ARRL

Pinned to the top of, there's an article about the Federal Budget and support for WWV.

The latest news is that Congress has not given the President the budget he needs to keep the government open and include a border wall.  

The is the answer received from #nist regarding a #wwv inquiry. 

“We will not know if NIST will continue to operate its time and frequency radio stations, including WWV, until a full-year NIST FY2019 appropriation is enacted. NIST is currently funded with a continuing resolution through Dec. 21.”


Stay tuned to the page for additional updates.

You have the HR number and to follow it's progress.

Time to sign the petition and contact Congress. The White House petition is for the President. is a free tool to help you draft and send a missive to Congress.

2024561111 is the White House comment line.

If you care, comment away.

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