Wednesday, January 09, 2019

How many is too much? #hamradio #ARRL #SMEM

"Cleaning up too many redundant ham radio groups" Kenneth KD4IIW wrote on Facebook recently.

It's one thing to have a Facebook Group or Page like the Wichita Amateur Radio Club does.  However, a quick check of resources on Facebook shows a bunch of buy and sell, groups for various radios, a 2m Simplex page and a 146.52 Group with even one for 144.2 SSB.

There's a Ham Radio and Ham Radio 2.0 group with approximately the same number of members.  

Even on MeWe, there are two groups with similar names.

Unless the Hobby looses focus, perhaps folks could consider Kenneth's challenge before setting up a new group or page.  The message will be even more lost when, using the example of AOL, there's a reflector set up and abandoned to spam.

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