Sunday, July 01, 2012

On Volunteers in #AltusOK

Its just not the day and age that numerous young people are going to volunteer their time to work for free. They will work for money! But not free! 

Recently, I heard the group that does Bountiful Baskets tell a group of people they were running late because they did not get the number of volunteers they needed to complete the mission timely.

There was a text message that read "This is the times that we can provide due to limited staff"

There was a trip for an individual to Davidson because there was not a team member closer than Altus.

Does anyone remember the number of rural volunteer ambulance companies that are no longer working because there are not enough volunteers with training to support them?

From an email from a friend of a friend, It gives an update on the relief mission at Colorado Springs.  Robert and I are planning to go to Colorado Springs about the 18th to help with this mission.  If anyone would like to donate they can contact this mission or give it to us to take to them.  They really need funds and volunteers.  

So why volunteer?

First responders went above and beyond to help during tragic loss: was made possible by volunteers.

It takes a "whole community" approach to dealing with disasters.  Craig Fugate is all about the "whole community" concept.  

How do I volunteer?

Operation Care helps folks in the area.  They need volunteers.  So does Salvation Army and the American Red Cross.

Does your church have an outreach that is dear to your heart?

Altus Skywarn is taking applications for volunteers.

The Boy Scouts of America is trying to start a Venturing Scout group.

The Oklahoma Virtual Operations Support Team volunteers to monitor social media during and after emergent events.

"Not one of us can do what all of us can do" says Max Lucado.  

One emergency manager said "If everyone does something, then we don't have to do it all."

The sooner we learn this, the easier our next disaster will be.

How are you or will you volunteer to make your community and neighborhood a better place to live?

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