Friday, July 13, 2012

#VOST Leadership Coalition Update

The past two weeks have been busy with a couple of notable VOST
support activations.

· The WildlandFires.Info VOST has been busy. This activation
has been supporting a number of wildland fires in multiple states
including Colorado. The Colorado Project Team, Kris Eriksen and other
PIO's have been providing guidance & direction. Jeff Phillips has
been the Team Leader. The key website has been if you want to check out the work
involved in this effort.

· The Arapaho Fire resulted in a VOST activation to support
PNW 2 (@pnw2) Incident Management Team's deployment to Arapaho,
Wyoming. Mar Reddy-Hjelmfelt and Jared Woods have been providing team
leader support to this activation.

In #VOST News shared on Twitter,

· Congrats to the Hawaii VOST Team for completing CERT
Training….your pictures were fun to see!

· Thanks to Scott for sharing changes to the Twitter search
function at this link location.

· NPR recently covered the emergence of social media in
emergency management and interviewed Kris Eriksen & I for some
comment. It was aired in Eastern WA yesterday and should be running
nationally, I am told by the reporter by the end of this week.

Thanks so much!

Cheryl Bledsoe,
Emergency Mgt Division Manager
Clark Regional Emergency Services Agency (CRESA)
710 W. 13th ST, Vancouver, WA 98660

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