Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Weather Training announced #OKwx #AltusOK #tweko

The spring 2013 OK-First class schedule has been launched and we are
now taking applications for all classes! You can find the best class
for you at the following link:

For all of our current OK-First certified and assistant participants,
we strongly encourage you to apply to one of our 7 re-certification
classes, all of which will focus 100% on dual-polarization radar. Even
if you took a re-certification class as recently as spring 2012,
taking a spring 2013 re-certification class will help you make use of
the new dual-pol data that is now fully operational across Oklahoma as
of mid October (and the entire region will be done by mid April).

As a reminder, to keep OK-First access each agency's Certified
Participant is required to attend re-certification training at least
once every 18 months. While I don't like doing it, we do put accounts
on probation and de-activate them when this requirement is not met.

And as final piece of news to share - the Mesonet/OK-First team is
currently in the process of completely re-designing the OK-First
website. The new site will not be ready until approximately next
summer, but we are putting a lot of work into designing a brand new
data area (that can function on different devices), new training area,
and building a capability to eventually offer some online OK-First
classes. Stay tuned for that!

Please share this message with anyone in your office or anyone new to
OK-First who you think might be interested in the training and data

Thanks for everything you do for our country!!

James Hocker
Program Manager, OK-First
Oklahoma Mesonet

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