Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Why is 72 hours not long enough?

Over on the FEMA web site, proposing a change from 72 hours to a week preparations while Dooms Day Preppers don't seem to think that's not long enough.

Why change?

1.  If you have to evacuate, are you going to carry your six months of supplies with you?  Folks, there are people from New Orleans who have not returned.  They don't plan to return.  They will tell you the bus trip would have been more enjoyable with the 72-hour kit.

2.  Then there are the people who won't do the 72 hour supplies, even with a calendar.  These are the same people who don't plan, don't heed warning, don't evacuate when told.

Why is it the Government's job to provide you an "Are You Ready", a handy 800-BE-READY number to order it, give you a calendar to use to help you build a disaster supply kit, offer training in Community Emergency Response Teams, and then take the blame when FEMA is not fast enough to help you?

When you read that story, why is are the homeowners not using their insurance to cover emergency housing?  Many homeowners and renters insurance policies pay for loss of use, including motel rooms.

OH, wait, they did not heed the warnings and chose to stay rather than leaving.

Do you have your 72-hour kit?  Do you have a plan?  Have you practiced the plan?  Have you helped your neighbor?


Jim Whitfield said...

Nobody's been willing to say it directly, but the 72-hour kit is another way for FEMA/gov't to say "don't expect us to come help for at least three days. You're likely to be on your own that long." But harsh words are lost in the soft-language.

Regardless, I've long said that a week's worth of food & water would be a better proposition. Consider if your entire neighborhood had 3 days supply, and the stores were able to re-open in 3 days. What happens then? Near-empty shelves. Give yourself some flexibility, have 5-10 day's worth!

Jim - K5JAW

Theron Gallauher said...

You aren't going all "Doomsday Prepper" on us are you. LOL
Love the site, always very interesting and informative. is mine if you want to take a look at it sometime. Keep up the good work OM and 73 tu es gud DX

Lloyd Colston said...

Mr. Whitfield,

Your choice is words does not sugarcoat the issue.

It goes along with "why do I carry a pistol? Because a Cop is too heavy" and "I don't need a fire extinguisher because the Fire Department is just across town".

At any rate, for years, I have encouraged folks to take Community Emergency Response Team training because, after all, as one of my colleagues in Australia is known to say your closest First Responder is next door.

I have yet to fail to have meals, water, etc. available within a 72-hour period for those that wanted them.


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