Wednesday, March 20, 2013

“The telephone network is obsolete”

As you read this article, think about your current situation in light of these questions:

1.  When the power goes out, do you still have a dial tone?

2.  When the power goes out for days, can you still talk?

3.  When the power goes out, do you lose your internet service?

If the answers are "No, No, and Yes" then your challenge is to plan what you are going to do to keep your Plain Old Telephone Service up, harden your cell phone with three ways (not three wall chargers) to charge your battery, or get your amateur radio license.

“The telephone network is obsolete”: Get ready for the all-IP telco | Ars Technica: "The telephone network is obsolete"

Have you three ways to communicate?  If the landline phone system quits, can you still do it?

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