Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Who remembers?

Yes, the image at the right has two triangles.  Otherwise known as "Civil Defense" symbols, they are images of the Cold War.

Conelrad: Radio meets the Civil Defense describes the two radio channels folks would tune to listen for news and updates in the "event of an actual emergency".

Conelrad became the Emergency Alert System and the triangles on the AM radios on the dash of the automobiles became Cold War Relics.   

That was then and this is now.  Has it improved?  Today, there is competition for the message.  The emergency manager is challenged with getting the word out to folks listening to their MP3 player inside a house with the windows shut and the vacuum running.  

No longer does the emergency manager have two frequencies upon which to place his warning message.  The emergency manager must be aware of ALL the methods is customer uses to get news and information and, yes, even entertainment.

When the emergency manager hears that the customer wants him to be on Social Media, which one of them should he use?  Does he dare omit Twitter to favor Google+?  Does he simply say "I'm on Facebook.  If you want the message, tune there? Tune where?

This is why warning professionals encourage folks to have at LEAST THREE ways to get information.  At any given time, all three will be working or two may not.

What three are you using?

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