Wednesday, January 21, 2015

American Sniper ... a review ... #Patriot #tweko

There's plenty to be said about the movie, American Sniper.

One reviewer has already said "The taciturn Texan has a clear, vigilant view of that job"

The movie is intense ... even more than the movie Unbroken.

As I suspected, it was an emotional movie, one that, in parts, made me laugh and in others mad me sad.

I am not a SEAL.  I did not serve in the Armed Forces (though, for a time I did serve in a USERRA-protected unit).  My military buddies tell me the training is arduous.

As I mentioned, the movie is intense.  The crowd laughing was punctuated by silence.  In fact, the final parts of the movie reminded me ... literally ... of quiet reverence at a funeral.

Clearly, an R-rated movie is not something for children.  It is not a family movie.

It is a tribute to a hero.


1 comment:

George Dosher said...

I would add - It showed a man that had a mission that he was obsessed about - to protect the men he was assigned to assist. He also knew that if they did not fight the terrorists in Iraq, that they would come here.

We need to hold people like Chris Kyle up as honorable at the very least, if not as a hero.

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