Wednesday, August 01, 2012

Are you participating in #NPM12 #AltusOK #OKready

September is National Preparedness Month and this is the perfect time to check out preparedness events on the calendar and add yours as well. Don’t know how to add an event to the calendar? See the simple step-by-step directions here.

New to the community? Want to know how to comment to a member’s post, create a new discussion forum, or add a photo? user guide provides most of these answers! Find it here at the top of the ‘explore resources’ page. 

General Discussions: Use this discussion forum to discuss preparedness related topics of your choice.
Introduce Yourself: Use this discussion forum to introduce yourself.

Help and Technical Support: Use this forum to submit questions about how to use this site and report technical issues.
  • Region I: Donald discusses the effectiveness of using the cartoon called The Flat Family (husband Stanley, wife Stella) as a mechanism for youth to affect change in the way adults think about preparedness. You don’t want to miss this!
  • Region II: Eric distributes the contact information for the POC for Citizen Corps and CERT for a few states.
  • Region III: FEMA announces its first youth preparedness council.
  • Region IV: Do you live in North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia, Florida, Kentucky, Tennessee, Alabama, or Mississippi? You are Region IV! Please start a new discussion and introduce yourself!
  • Region V: Carl expresses his interest in coming together and have a training exercise on Disaster Response and Radio Communications.
  • Region VI: Chad, of the Arkansas Department of Emergency Management urges Arkansas members to register for Ready Arkansas for National Preparedness Month.
  • Region VII: Tom introduces himself as the FEMA Region VII Community Preparedness Officer and welcomes new members.
  • Region VIII: Do you live in Colorado, Utah, Wyoming, North Dakota, South Dakota, or Montana? You are Region VIII! Please start a new discussion and introduce yourself!
  • Region IX: Annette, a Northeast Nevada Citizen Corps Coordinator, shares a few of the events/ideas that her area will be hosting for National Preparedness Month. Get some great ideas for your area!
  • Region X: Judy is looking for more discussion participation from members in her region!

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