Friday, August 17, 2012

Recently, there a Tweet went out encouraging plain language.

Here's the Tweet. It was also copied on Facebook. If Cops give up 10 codes, hams should give up Q-signals. QSL? 10-4 #hamr #arrl SPEAK to me.

National Public Radio makes a case for plain language by describing an incident where plain language communication saved a Trooper's life.

Listen to the local repeater. An unexpected Ten Code might be met with "Is that necessary" or "Ten Code is not allowed here".

So, if Ten Codes are unwelcome, for whatever reason, in the interest of plain langauge, are Q-signals as well something to remove?

While Q-signals have their place on CW, are they really needed on voice?

While there may be no known lives lost by using Q-signals given that Homeland Security continues to address plain language in NIMScast perhaps it's time to look at the issue.

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