Friday, August 10, 2012

Hail - the Star Trek Wiki #SMEM

What can one learn from the "Hailing Frequencies Open, sirof Star Trek fame as it relates to Social Media?

1.  Different channels produce different audiences.  For example, YouTube will not be appropriate for the visually impair but Twitter may be the most excellent tool to reach that population.  Facebook attracts a different customer than does Pinterest than does Google Plus.

2.  Social Media is about engagement.  When someone posts on your Facebook wall, do they expect a response?  Do they get a response, if one is expected?

3.  Social media is less about tools and more about planning.  What kind of results are you expecting?  Are you getting the results you expected?

Open Hailing Channels!  Communication must be two way.

Hail - Memory Alpha, the Star Trek Wiki

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