Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Communications for small groups

This question came up on the Community Emergency Response Team list.

--- In, "h0chus_p0ckus"  wrote:

> But does anyone have suggestions for really outstanding software, which can do more? Like, voice conferecing, so you can "call the group" and have everyone's phone ring for a conference call? Or, send a group email to the same list, instead of creating different lists in different apps?

I have had good success with and where both have free accounts.  The Virtual Operations Support Team group on Twitter uses the latter as a callup text message effort.

Both have the capability for groups to send messages from the web and text.  The former also pushes messages out to email.

I also use for quick and dirty conference calls.  I have toyed with the idea of having a "perpetual" conference bridge that folks could call into, if they get a dial tone.  Having a GETS card will help the likelihood of the call completing.

Free Conference Call and are alternatives.

I have an account at and have used

Our VOST also uses Skype for conference calls and text messaging.

You might also look at AnyMeeting and SmartMeeting for cheap GoToMeeting alternatives.

If you have a small team, you might enjoy as well as and  I have had good results with the former and latter.  I have little experience with GroupCall.

Then there are the "walkie-talkie" applications such as ZELLO and TIKL.  Zello allows "channels" for small groups and works across multiple platforms, including the PC.

How would you answer?

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