Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Strange things do happen

I rarely use valet parking but this strange story is about that experience during a recent trip.

As it turns out, the valet attendant could not get my car to start.  It would unlock but the key would not work in the ignition switch.

How strange is that?

As they are driving me to the car as I am making mental preparations to call Motor Club, we pull up to the little red Cavalier parked next to a silver Tahoe.

Key works fine in the little red Cavalier.  It unlocked the Tahoe.

I know there are only so many likely key combinations but the mathematical computations to arrive at the percentage of chance that my car would be parked next to another vehicle and that the valet would have written down the wrong parking tag was, to me, nothing short of interesting.

How strange is that?

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