Wednesday, May 08, 2013

Lets talk tools

Back in the early days of #SMEM, early adapters adapted based on their favorite tools.  Then the tool ended, ex. "RT @twitcleaner: In case it wasn't obvious from visiting the site, Twit Cleaner has now officially shut down. The blog is up though and I'll still be here."

Then the scramblers raced to find a new tool to replace the old tool.  Even others developed multiple "favorite" tools to do multiple jobs.

Is it over?  Nope.  People still are looking for tools and new tools are being developed to help with new platforms of social media.

Looking at tools today may be necessary, but ONLY after one develops the need for using social media.  

This article focuses on tools that can foster and forge team building and communication.

Tweet scheduling (including Facebook and Google+)

Should there be a need to schedule tweets, a number of services exist to facilitate that effort.  Leading the pack has always been Hootsuite, though Buffer and SocialOomph are finding followers among the adapters.  

Each has different features.  For example, @NavyMARS uses SocialOomph to schedule Bravo Zulu posts, saving the post as a template and changing the verbiage as necessary.

Buffer and Hootsuite allow scheduling to Facebook pages.  Also, using If This Then, one is able to update Twitter with Facebook posts and vice versa.  One can see why tools should not be the focus in social media when one considers that ManageFlitter can allow Google+ updates to Twitter.  Hootsuite also supports Google+ as does If This Then. 

A competitor to Hootsuite is Gremln, a platform that supports Twitter, LinkedIN, and Facebook.

Twitterfeed takes your Really Simple Syndication feed and pushes it out to Twitter. So does DLVR.IT, Hootsuite, and Google's Feedburner along with If This Then.

Are you seeing the pattern?  Focus on the why and the how becomes easy.

Do you have your social media plan in place?  Which tools do you use to support it?

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